La Voix Evangelique Haitienne de Delmarva has been a voice for the Haitian community in Delaware and Maryland. It was created in August 31st 2010 by Rev. Lionel Sainsume. The goal of the Evangelical Haitian Voice of Delmarva is to:

1.To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as stated in Matthew 28 verses 19 and 20 and Acts 4:12.

2.To provide news for the Haitian community concerning issues in first and foremost Haiti, other important issues around the world.

3.To educate Haitian families in the Delmarva area.

La Voix Evangelique Haitienne de Delmarva is a non-profit organization.

AUDIONOW: 641-552-8112

Director: Lionel Sainsume

Co-Director: Marie Yvrose Sainsume

Radio Staff Members

If you feel the compelled to donate please feel free to do so using the donation button below.

First Evangelical Haitian Church INC.